Spring takes wing

Bardol on PCDaily

Last fall PCDaily¬†looked at Arden Bardol’s triangular shaped winged beads sold online through Artful Home.

Her spring circular version of the design is even more intriguing. Colors and patterns are added on both sides of flat circles. Two circles containing four patterns are curved and joined to small beads at their centers.

Bardol on PCDaily

Gathered into a necklace, the beads turn and the patterns play against each other.

Another new design, Balancing Act, joins simple shapes in yet another way. Take a closer look at all of Arden’s award-winning designs on Facebook, Tallulah Belle’s online, nd her website.

Polymer balance

Kimle on PCDaily

This 2.25″ x 2.75″ polymer pendant by Iowa’s Patti Kimle balances light and dark in a soothing and striking way. A fine silver bail repeats the daisy pattern.

Patti’s works are reflections of the nature around her and often contain inspirational messages. Subtle repetitions and her muted palettes add to the calming influence of her pieces.

Patti’s taught for years and has written three books but she shies away from the limelight. You can search her out on her blog, on Pinterest, on Etsy and on Facebook.