Stay home

Anna Dubinsky wears her safe place on her wrist on

Israel’s Anna Dubinsky (AnnaBluestocking) sees home as a place of refuge during the pandemic. Her small houses perched on polymer rocks join together to form a bracelet that she titled Stay Home.

The tiny houses represent safe places “where you could hide and wait out the storm,” she says.

Rocks and minerals and rough fibers figure prominently in her work which you can see on Instagram.


Forced blooms

Nancy Nearing forces spring blooms on

Rather than wait for real blooms in her Connecticut yard, Nancy Nearing grabbed a 36″ branch lying in the melting snow and created some polymer blooms.

She reinforced the stick with Apoxie sculpt and wired on caned leaves and delicate translucent blue blooms. Lights may be next. She has just the spot above a corner window in her studio for her touch of spring.

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