Winter baby

Enaids World sculpts fantasy creatures on

One good thing about this new year is that it will soon be time for a sprinkling of good luck from fairy art and fantasy sculptures like this Winter Baby from Belgium’s Enaidsworld.

No molds, all hand-sculpted, infused with charm and luck.

She’s had a hard time keeping up with demand and plans to have more on her blog and shop this year. Her fantasy folks are pure magic!

Canes from the garden

Helena Viberg makes amazing 12:1 miniature fruits and veggies on

Sweden’s Helena Viberg (enmojtmojta) sucked me right down a nostalgic rabbit hole with her 1:12 scale miniatures.

I started in polymer making imitative food with my daughter for her dollhouse. It was nothing like Helena Viberg’s home renovations but Hillary and I spent many happy hours making pizzas from polymer and furniture from matchboxes.

Helena Viberg makes amazing 12:1 miniature fruits and veggies on

How far that art form has come! It’s hard to believe that you’re not in a chic country chateau when you look at Helena’s creations. And stumbling onto miniaturists’ Home Depot (Mini Materials) was astonishing.

Helena says that recently when she tired of mini-home renovations she returned to her garden to make these fruit and veggie canes. Careful, you could lose a large chunk of time looking at her tiny wonders. The most efficient way to see them is on Instagram.

How does polymer stack up?

Hyperreal miniature Bremen Town Musicians from Kerri Pajuti on PolymerClayDailly

Oregon’s Kerri Pajutee’s extraordinary miniature mixed media sculptures popped up on a submissions call to the polymer community.

This piece is her version of the Bremen Town Musicians based on a fairy tale. Kerri created it for last fall’s Miniature Masterworks show.

Kerri is motivated by the desire to replicate the beauty and energy of animals in 1:12 scale. She developed a technique to combine polymer clay with layers of natural fibers: wool, alpaca, cashmere, and silk. The best place to see her process is on Facebook.

IPCA is looking to feature polymer hyperrealism in their upcoming publication. They used Kerri’s works as an example. The deadline is April 21 and an email to will put you in the running.