Light earrings, new book

Look at these great organic earrings by Ellen Prophater that I saw in Kentucky last weekend. She’s still thinking about a web site which, of course, frustrates both me and you. These lightweight lovelies are formed and baked on wooden balls. Ellen dips the finished earrings into warm water combined with liver of sulfur to turn the silver wires black.

The movement toward self-published books is exciting. Here’s a wonderful offering from Cynthia Toops and her husband, glass artist Dan Adams. There’s a nice preview online though the sample pages seem to show more of Dan’s work than Cynthia’s. Thanks to Leslie Blackford for the link.

That ugly server message is finally gone and the site is back up for now. I’ve stripped out the guestbook, the Flickr pictures and loads of other little potential gremlins. Let’s hope the PCDaily site is stable. Understand that if there are problems, it’s me not you.

Weltman’s new book

Ronna Weltman’s polymer clay brooch called “Three-Ring Circus” seemed an appropriate feature today in the middle of our country’s craziness.

This crisp .pdf sneak peak at Ronna’s new book on polymer clay and wire is the perfect thing to distract your thoughts and brighten your day. Ancient Modern is coming out from Interweave Press in the spring.

“As much as I enjoy making art, I probably get more joy teaching and helping others find their voice in art and jewelry,” says Ronna. Check out her class schedule.

Color tests and weekend homework

The bootup chimes of my computer were music to my ears when power was restored this evening. I’ll assign you some weekend homework to keep you busy as I catch up.

Did you see the color test in the left colum? It looks easy and it’s great eye training. I’m already getting messages from readers about how it’s harder than it looks. I thought I’d ace it. I didn’t.

In response to your questions, the book in which Laura Timmins has found her recipes for financial success is Crafting as a Business by Wendy Rosen. Laura admits that following the formulas is a tedious process but well worth the effort.

Interested in metalwork or other online classes as mentioned in yesterday’s post? Connie Fox invites you to also visit her site, Jatayu, which offers an array of online metalworking classes.

The weather is spectacular. I can finally do laundry, plug in the pasta machine motor and get online! Should be a great weekend.