Robot cake toppers

M. Held dresses up her robots for June weddings on

Hey, it’s June! Where are the weddings? The polymer cake toppers? Happy couples running along the beach…without masks? It’s time we brought them back.

Florida’s Melissa Randolph (HerArtSheLoves) gets her geek on with her sculptures. She’s loved robots since she was a kid and there are newlyweds who share her passion.

Polymer, coiled wire, some paint. She makes amazing characters with a few ingredients.

I’m off to visit my grandsons and thinking this might be right up their alley…maybe not brides and grooms but robots for sure.

Monster polymer

Leah Lester's monsters migrated from cakes to

Washington’s Leah Lester started out as a cake decorator. In 2010 she decided to put the monsters she loves on the top of a cake.

Her friends went wild and asked her to make them out of something more durable.

Since then Leah’s created thousands of Little Lazies and sold them to her Etsy fans. Her most recent batch will be for sale on Big Cartel on Sept 28 with others on Facebook and Instagram.

Her time-lapse videos will kick off your week at high speed.