Turkish hooks, Canadian molds

What I unearthed as I sorted through mail begins in the housewares and tools department. These playful wall hooks are built with polymer clay over wire by Turkey’s Arzu Musa. She also specializes in flower pots and glowing candleholders.

New frame and cabochon molds from Canada’s Shades of Clay also caught my eye. The templates are paired to help you shape a perfect bezel for each cabochon. Wendy Orlowski created a photo gallery of inventive ways of using the clever molds. This looks helpful to those of us who have trouble cutting even borders and mitered corners. The group introduces some intriguing tools and textures.

If you’re one of those polymer clay artists or illustrators who comes from the graphics camp, you’ll want to answer NPCG’s call for proposals for a new logo to reflect their broadening international image.

Congrats to all who completed Friday’s pop quiz. Don’t fret if you didn’t get a perfect score. This won’t go on your permanent record. It’s only meant to improve your color vision or bolster your argument for a better computer monitor.