Wild horses and polymer

Michaud horse on PCDaily

Equine artist Stephanie Michaud bought Eugena Topina’s faux cloisonné tutorial online. Eugena was surprised when Stephanie sent her first results which sold the first day they were offered on Etsy. This plaque is 7″ tall made of polymer, mica powders, artistic wire and resin.

It’s marvelous when good teaching and a student’s passion for a subject collide.Wild horses can’t stop the magic. Proud teacher Eugena sent in the link.

Multi-national building

Samunnat’s building fund has received nearly $6,000 in donations from ten countries! Isn’t that remarkable? Yes, they are still accepting donations. Plant your flag on the list: US, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Cyprus and the UK.

Faux cloisonne

Sabine Spiesser’s Dare to Dream of Timeless Opulence was named the winner of the Aussiepolyclayers 2011 Competition and featured on the Voila site. Watch parts float in the shimmering cloisonne that you can see more closely here.

Sabine was born in Angola and now lives in Melbourne. A former potter and self-taught digital artist, she brings the layering and transparency processes that are familiar on the computer to her meticulous faux cloisonne polymer pieces.

Sabine credits Eugenia Topina with teaching her the technique which she has mastered and expanded. You can read more about the technique and its development here.