Summertime catch-up

Diana Crialesi spruces up her shop for summer on

Rome’s Diana Crialesi (Archidee) has uploaded photos of her latest summer polymer jewelry.

She was so engrossed with making work, shooting tutorials and teaching that she fell behind in stocking her online store. Now she’s caught up and has added photos of the backlog to her shop and Instagram.

One look at her YouTube channel and you’ll understand what distracted her.

In the video, Diana assembles this bright piece (skip ahead to 11:00) with its t-bar closure and square opening on a turquoise silk cord. Simple and summery.

Drama and closure

Fiona Herbst combines utility and drama on

Ireland’s Fiona Herbst combines utility and drama with a simple closure. The dotted and bead fits perfectly. Maybe Fiona will tell us how she keeps the bead from pulling through.

The look is very modern. See the rest of her line of trendy pieces on Facebook and Instagram.

Closure in a bead is a snap

Kokareva on PCDaily

A good necklace closure is often the polymer artist’s holy grail.

If you’ve wrestled with hooks and clasps, you will appreciate the satisfying click of the Dots and Lines piece by Moscow’s Anna Kokareva (Annie Bimur).

Her magnetic clasp hides neatly within the big focal bead and snaps together easily. (I’m guessing the magnet has been attached with epoxy clay since magnets don’t like baking.)

Of course the interestingly beaded cord adds a lovely touch as well. There’s more on her Flickr site and on Facebook.