Performance, polymer mashup

Vinsantos on PCDaily

New Orleans artist, Vinsantos puts his hoarder tendencies to good use in his Kreeture series of assemblage dolls.

“I see the art that I create as a mash-up of sculpture, assemblage, fashion design, makeup, and hair artistry.” “I also see it as the reinvention and preservation of beauty. The characters found in Kreeture stem from my years on the underground performance art circuit. I’ve spent many years in the public spotlight either as a live musician, a Drag artist, and more often as a combination of both,” he explains.

Vinsantos shadow box characters can be seen at Tresor Gallery and you can follow him on Facebook.

Thanks to Laura Tabakman who read an article on Vinsantos in Art21 magazine and sent the link along

Vinsantos on PCDaily