Building a polymer stash

Debra DeWolff decided that it’s cool enough to start claying and she got busy building her stash of the polymer components that accompany her felted beads.

She explains that, “I like to work on components and get lots of them made before I start assembling the actual pieces of jewelry.  I’ll work in a particular colorway for several days, making lots of different types of beads and component parts.  Then when I’ve amassed a fair amount, sometimes hundreds of components in several different colorways, I’ll start designing things like necklaces, bracelets and earrings using what I have.”

Her palette is filled with juicy melon colors. And check out her polka dots!

How to beachcomb

Holland’s north coast has inspired Linda Ezerman to translate her beachcombing with polymer and felt. Smooth links, faceted chunks and flat pebbles are joined with felted wool into a wild wearable beach.

The carving and felting and lost wax techniques
that Linda shows on her exciting Flickr pages promise to take us polymer rock hounds in new directions.

Wiggins mixes her media

No better way to start the week than with snappy, crisp, snazzy polymer clay designs from Angie Wiggins. Angie ventures into metal, fiber, glass and found objects but she can’t resist the lure of polymer. Polymer clay "solves my intense color needs," she admits.

"I was taught to embroider at the age of five. I have been a detail freak ever since," Angie reveals. Her jewelry, platters, and containers sing with color and will get your week humming.

The link is from Ronna Weltman. Many thanks.