Handy polymer and a global exhibit

Kathryn Corbin solves a problem and sets up an exhibit on PolymerClayDaily

This quirky, abstract pendant from Massachusetts’ Kathryn Corbin is both decorative and efficient when you have no pockets and a house littered with reading glasses always out of reach.

Kathryn solved her problem in an arty way. Bits of pattern, some rough texture, and colors that go with everything ending in a loop for hanging readers. Why be boring? We’re artists!

Kathryn loves to experiment in the studio and she sent this and pix of other juicy projects along to prove it.

We were chatting about the IPCA global interactive exhibit in February. The deadline for submission is January 15 which gives you plenty of time. Lots of categories and awards!  Not an IPCA member? Join here.

Khaleesi stemware in polymer

Segal on PCDaily

Game of Thrones fan Marie Segal felt compelled to make an iconic goblet that reflects her favorite show’s sensibilities. She piles on the flourishes and adds vining leaves, fleur de lis, hearts and other insignia in polymer.

Washes of metallic and dark paint give the glass a heavy ancient air and make it fit for the Khaleesi. What a great gift for a special occasion!

Here’s the glass up close. You’ll find more Marie on Facebook, the Clay Factory, and Etsy.