Hairstick polymer

Millican on

Let’s take Heather Millican’s (swoon_dimples) hair stick advice and be nice to ourselves this weekend.

Heather loves words and believes in their power so she stamps her favorites in polymer and distresses them for emphasis. Read more on Facebook and Etsy.

StudioMojo offers the polymer backstory plus links to the tools and clever developments spotted this week. Sign up today and you’ll get your weekend words (and lots of pictures) this Saturday morning.

Need some polymer magic?

Maevinwrenscraft on PCDaily

Try making a wand like Maevinwrenscraft (anyone know her name?). She attaches a naturally faceted quartz crystal or other gem to a wooden rod with clay and bakes.

Then she decorates the resulting wand with leaves and vines that wind up the wooden base and rebakes. The design can become a hairstick or, without a rod, becomes a pendant. The magic continues.