Small piece, big story

Colorado’s Phyllis Pollena-Cahill mixes her media in this polymer and copper brooch.

Phyllis Polema-Cahill stacks up patterns in a small graceful brooch on

The patterns flow into each other and keep your eye darting between the variations in the layers that cup forward. The copper accents hint at even more complexity.

It’s a delight to take in this big story in a small space. Nice start to the week, eh?

Find more of Phyllis’ story on Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr.

Rock solid polymer

Pottjewijd on PCDaily

Martin Pottjewijd, freelance graphic designer and sculptor from the Netherlands, likes to mix polymer with rock and sometimes with boulders!

“My work varies from an array of strange characters to architecture from different worlds and bygone days. With my work I want to make the world more colourful and make people smile,” he explains. See more of his castles and characters on Facebook and his site.

Martin was also the creator of The Adventures Polly and Mur comic strip (sponsored by Polyform) that appeared in the From Polymer to Art magazine.