Mean mason jar

Pamela Carmen's big florals cover a jar in a hurry on

Florida’s Pamela Carman makes a mean Mason jar. This big floral one has actually been upcycled with one of those fancy liquid soap pumps.

The background for her flowers is textured white clay. Pamela’s big blooms allow her to create a quick composition without having to cover every inch of the glass jar with pattern.

She shows a bunch of them on Instagram if you’re in a handmade gifty mood.

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Featuring flaws

Sevva on PCDaily

You might want to reach up on the shelf and blow the dust off Elena Sevva’s vessel. Her polymer-covered jar makes a charming accent with an ancient flair.

I’m drawn to Elena’s piece because my first impulse when covering my own items is to chase all the seams and smooth away the imperfections.

What if you and I celebrated and featured the flaws and highlighted them with paint like Elena does? Could you allow yourself this approach? Could I? Just wondering.

See how Elena embraces looseness and imperfection in her artworks on Flickr and Facebook.