No-fail knitting

Leila Bidler gives imitative knitting a new twist on

Even if you never learned to knit, Italy’s Leila Bidler demonstrates how you can simulate the look. She extrudes strings of polymer in shades of blue, twists them and lines them up…without dropping a stitch!

A second layer of stitching every inch or so gives the swatch the look of a fancier pattern and more complex knitting.

On Leila’s Instagram page she turns these faux knits into cozy cuffs and finishes them with a faux wood button for a wintry accessory.

A snowy day is a perfect time to check out this season’s crop of faux knit ideas. Every year there’s some new twist. PCD’s all-time favorites are still¬†Juliya Laukhina’s from 2010.

If you’re looking for more fun behind-the-scenes tidbits, come on over to StudioMojo where we indulge in deep polymer chats every Saturday morning.¬†

When Helen met Judy

Washington’s Tonja Lenderman loves to experiment. With this polymer pendant she’s introduced Judy Belcher’s knitting techniques to Helen Breil’s twisted shapes.

From the angles of the knit strips to the forming of the shape, this design will challenge the math-side of your brain and get you primed for the week.

The best overview of Tonja’s work is on her Facebook page. You’ll also like her free crackled pottery tutorial on Polka Dot Creations.

Back from vacation

If you’ve sent me a link or a note, hang on! I’m easing myself back into work mode and plowing through a pile of email. Many thanks to all who sent their site links.