Joyful color mixing

Looking forward and not backward can be daunting in 2020. Even more so after an accident, a pandemic, and three flights of stairs. But nothing keeps Lindly Haunani down.

After she took over her own physical therapy, Lindly set goals. For her hands, it was knitting and then drawing. Fine motor skills are returning. For her legs, it’s to walk to the food co-op, a mere 12 blocks away. Stuffed grape leaves and real cheese beckon. For the mind, it’s meditation. For the soul, it’s the pursuit of color, texture, and design. Or maybe it’s vice versa. Or maybe they all meld together.

In her own words,  “The first time I was able to go outside and walk around I was almost overwhelmed with awe. The feel of the wind on my skin, the fresh green scents in the air, the billowing white clouds above, and the bark of the tree in front of me – everything was exquisitely present and magical.

“I anticipated that since it has taken this long to get back to polymer it might be an emotional and frustrating experience. Apparently I waited until the perfect moment as just hearing the sound of my pasta machine motor running brought joy. I am working to complete a color mixing project I had started in January.”

As Lindly says, “That was then, this is now.” It’s her new mantra. The teacher is still teaching. You can help here.

Get Lindly back on her feet

GoFundMe helps Lindly Haunani get back on her feet on

Lindly Haunani has been gravely injured in an accident and we’re raising money for her care. The other driver was jailed and it looks like a very long and complicated road ahead for her.

She has upcoming classes at Clayathon which Maggie Maggio is covering. Lindly also organizes the Shrine Mont retreat in May. She’s a vital part of many events and the community is rallying to fill her very big shoes.

Please trust that any class reservations and finances will be sorted out. Lindly has to put all her energy into getting well. Contact Arlene Groch about Clayathon and Hollie Mion (via Messenger) who will have some Shrine Mont information. Lindly cannot be contacted for these matters right now.

We have set up a GoFundMe for Lindly. You can read details of the accident and more about her circumstances there. We have a generous global community and we are aiming high. Please share the link and donate now. 

Send cards and letters (no calls) to:

Lindly Haunani
C/O Beverly Grover
8201 Hamilton Springs Court
Bethesda, Maryland   20817

Rebounding polymer

Nancy Nearing's small works show big progress on

Ohio neighbor Nancy Nearing displays these four small artworks in a local gallery’s “Small Works” show for the holidays. We covered the start of this project as a work-in-progress in August.

What is remarkable is that Nancy’s new spurt of creativity comes after a tough year of grief and change.

Nancy Nearing's small works show big progress on

“Nine months, ten trips, three clay retreats, and one class later, I’m starting to rediscover the joy of creating new pieces and series,” Nancy says in her blog post.

Going through a slow period, dreading the holidays, facing a crisis? Nancy shows us how creativity can disappear or remain dormant and then come back full throttle.