Mosaic pebble

This Pebble brooch marks the latest collaboration between polymer artist Cynthia Toops and metalsmith Chuck Domitrovich.

Cynthia mixes vertical and horizontal polymer micro mosaics in a beautifully constructed 2.5″ x 2″ x 1/4″ frame that Chuck constructed from sterling silver and brass with a stainless steel pin. Vertical threads of white polymer create the lines on the horizontal mosaic of a pebble.

Keep the size in mind as you zoom in to marvel at the detail. Then turn it over to examine the back with its brass posts that balance the piece, an option for a bail, and spaces for both artists’ signatures. We end the week with an example of remarkable attention to detail and fine collaboration. Have a remarkable weekend.

Williamson speaks polymer

Genevieve Williamson (Jibby and Juna) is a metalsmith and I love her description of learning to design and work in polymer clay as she made this latest necklace.

She explains that, “…being trained as a metalsmith I often still design/think in metal. Then I translate to polymer, modify and move on. This is the first piece that, in my head at least, I felt like I thought through the process in the new language (polymer).”

She’s speaking fluently and her Etsy site is full of simple, textural, modern pieces.