Monday bouquet

Floren Jewelry sends you a mini Monday bouquet on

Nothing like a dozen red roses for your Monday. This small pendant was created by Belarus’ Floren (JewelryFloren).

The pendant measures 1.6″ x 1.4″ and is made from an air-dry polymer.¬†You can imagine how lovingly this delicate bouquet was assembled on its metal backing.

While Floren doesn’t reveal much about herself online, she’s surely a romantic.

Monster veggies

Atkinson on PCDaily

Put a couple of eyes on your fruits and veggies and suddenly they’re ready for Halloween. You can see how it works for Hawaii’s Kiva Atkinson and her miniature blood oranges.

“I enjoy making unusual things, from strange Tudor food, to ethnic cuisines, to cheeky mice doing naughty things. My imagination gets to run wild all the time!” she says.

This tray of miniatures ready for baking shows you how Kiva ran wild with her vegetables. There’s more on her blog and on Flickr.

Atkinson on PCDaily

Tonight’s the night

For those of you who love tools, bop over to Craftcast this evening (8:00 EST) for the free tool talk session. Save your seat by registering here (you’ll get the notes even if you can’t stay for the party).

Oops, that’s 7:30 EST…be there!