FOLLOW FRIDAY: Susan Crocenzi

Susan Crocenzi mixes glass and polymer in large lively mosaics on

Weary of earrings? Done with slabs? Nothing better than a scroll through Susan Crocenzi’s mosaics for a breath of fresh air.

Look closely, she combines glass and polymer in ways that make it hard to tell what’s what in the riot of color. And her pieces are big and bold. They will lift your mood if you’re feeling timid and uncertain.

Feeling lazy and unproductive? Good! And when you’re looking at the clouds and swaying the hammock, you’ll be surprised at the ideas that pop up.

Join us over at StudioMojo for a Saturday morning dose of surprise and delight. 

Warm up with mosaic

Syndee Holt uses pan pastels for her try out of Kim Korringa's free video on

California’s Syndee Holt bypassed using scrap polymer for her mosaic jewelry based on Kim Korringa’s video. See them on Instagram.

Syndee pulled out her pan pastels and created a colorful abstract for her top layer of polymer.

This may sound confusing but it’s all explained in Kim’s video of her simple and quick way to play with a bit of clay. It makes a good warm-up exercise in case you’re in a post-holiday rut.

Mika’s geometry

Mika on

Laurie Mika is all about triangles and diamond shapes in Inner Woven, her latest polymer mosaic which will appear in the 2017 Mosaic Arts International exhibition in Detroit from May 4 to June 15.

The piece’s geometric, almost quilted look makes it stand out from Laurie’s usual round and exotic patterns and shapes. Some of geometric  shapes are set in windowed openings that reveal deeper layers. The rich colors are unmistakably Laurie’s palette.

She’s teaching this week in Santa Rosa, CA and it’s fun to check out more of her most recent cubes, crowns and mandalas class samples.

Mika on

Thanks to Laurie for starting our week with opulence! See more on Instagram and Facebook.

Polymer coloring book

Mika on PCDaily

“If as a child you loved coloring in a coloring book like I did, then this is the class for you.” says Laurie Mika about her Coloring on Clay workshop this September.

Mika on PCDaily

These class sample tiles show how acrylic paint on clay expands the range and intensity of Laurie’s colors.

She starts with light polymer clay which is stamped and/or textured then painted. Gold leaf and sparkly bits add finishing touches.

See all the mosaic wonders that Laurie composes with her richly decorated tiles on her site, on Pinterest and on Facebook