Made you look!

How does Jana Honnerova roll up blended colors with cracked edges on

When I find myself stuck on a photo, I stop and ask why it’s captured my attention.

That’s what’s happening with these rolled-up earrings from Prague’s Jana Honnerova.

Narrow strips of clay in blended colors are rolled up. But look at those cracked edges! And how does she control the color or is it random? You start drilling down into Jana’s methods and it makes you think about her skill, her tricks.

But on top of that is the elegance of these little gems simply stacked on a headpin. Sweet! And that’s what it boils down to. Do your designs make people take a second look? That’s the real trick.

Roaming the workroom

Gail Bor creates arty paper-bead style polymer beads  around dowels on

Finding out what’s catching on, what’s trending is one good reason to attend polymer events in your area. Chunky wrapped beads formed in the paper bead style and baked around varying sizes of wooden dowels popped up at Clayathon. This particularly striking one is from Gail Bor. Its free and easy style and colors look great with any wardrobe.

Like lots of polymer artists, Gail makes pieces to wear and doesn’t show much of her work online.

Late at night, when everyone clears out of the workroom, I roam with my camera to capture works in progress. The cluttered workspaces offer great insight into each artist’s methods and thought process. In this week’s StudioMojo you can wander the conference with us and pick up new tools and ideas. Sign up now to join us for the inside scoop this Saturday.