Bits and pieces

Isola on PCDaily

There’s so much energy in this series from France’s Caroline Cornic Isola (Klick-Art) that it’s hard to know where to focus. Your eyes dance between shapes and colors and land intermittently on black and white bits.

Thin lines lead you between elements. When you dive in for a closer look you’ll see that the colors aren’t solid but mottled and graduated. Each pendant is a little Miro-like composition.

Caroline bounces between comic illustration and painterly compositions in her polymer work. Look at her exuberant pieces on Facebook, Etsy and Pinterest.

Polymer gardening

Arden on PCDaily

Few people tend their flowers as faithfully as Ohio’s Kim Arden. Gearing up for her summer shows (this weekend is Kalamazoo) she’s awash in flowers.

You’ll note a subtle stripe in her backgrounds and a mix of surface textures and graphic elements. The pearls here add another grace note. She has such a bounty of blooms that she makes it fun to pick from her garden. You can get a burst of energy just by visiting her Facebook photos.

Arden on PCDaily

Polymer menagerie

Hanzalkova on PCDaily

Anna Hanzalkova (YellowJacketAngel) posted her spring collection on Facebook. Her menagerie of charming animals is constructed mosaic style in geometric gradients. Then she adds texture so that the pieces appear almost quilted. It’s a fresh effect that’s sure to be a hit. 

Hanzalkova on PCDaily

Anna is from the Czech Republic and she’s part of the gang who published the Polymer Clay Heaven book/tutorials on their Etsy shop.

Hanzalkova on PCDaily

If you click through her pictures on the IPCA post, you’ll see that she’s also using tassels and fibers as jewelry findings in her new line – another trendy approach for spring/summer.