Curious assortment

StudioMojo satisfies your polymer curiousity on

What an odd assortment of goodies I’ve gathered for StudioMojo this weekend. Everything from river rocks to Danish bowls. It all makes sense from our peculiar polymer perspective.

Join me and other seriously curious polymer folks at StudioMojo!

Pompoms in Minneapolis

Lindsay Locatelli shakes her pompom rings on PolymerClayDaily

Lindsay Locatelli (wazodesigns) drums her polymer-draped fingers in anticipation of this Saturday’s ACC Holiday Craft Hop in NE Minneapolis.

Her Instagram spans her latest polymer and mixed media works. The carved look stems from Lindsay’s formal training in wood. Here she’s wearing her Pompom rings bunched up fashionably.

Her training translates so easily into polymer that it’s often hard to identify what media she’s using. That’s the next step forward for our craft, isn’t it?

Tubular polymer

Nowak on

Two artists have gone tubular for spring. Same thinking with very different outcomes from Austria’s Izabela Nowak and Pennsylvania’s Genevieve Williamson.

Izabela uses slim tubes in graduated purples formed into a 3D necklace. She has been experimenting for months with what she calls her Straw Technique.

Williamson on

Genevieve takes a more minimalist approach with long slender polymer tubes strung into a bright multi-color strand. “Is it too light?” she wonders on Instagram.

PCD will look at several new stringing, assembling, designing developments that have emerged recently. Looks are changing for spring!

Polymer ribbons

Neuwirth on PCDaily

In this season of ribbons and bows, Sharyn Neuwirth (NewEarthCraftWorks) demonstrates how you can shape ribbons of polymer. I’d guess the strips are extruded and dusted with metallics.

This Washington, D.C. artist bypasses social media pretty successfully but she offers quite a selection of variations on the ribbon theme on her Flickr pages.



Another minimalist step

Breil on PCDaily

Speaking of sinewy and curvy (see yesterday’s post), take a look at Ontario’s Helen Breil and her new wrapped polymer cuff.

She’ll be building this bracelet step-by-step on Craftcast in January. Pan pastels, mica powders and zippers are some of the key ingredients in this intriguing design.

Breil on PCDaily

Helen’s earned a reputation for manipulating simple geometric shapes into surprisingly striking and wearable jewelry. See samples on her site and on Flickr, Pinterest, and Facebook.