Polymer postcards

I’m dipping into the archives while I’m on vacation. We first talked about these polymer postcards in 2008! At workshops it was great to make polymer postcards to send home. Fun to make and they make terrific souvenirs.

The U.S. mail will accept the artwork if it’s within their guidelines. Tory Hughes may have started this mischief and she still teaches postcard creation in her classes.

I’ll be taking a class while I’m away so I’ll try to come up with some postcards from my journey. Vacation posts from the archives

Travels with polymer clay

I’m in travel mode and gravitated to this polymer clay postcard from Dayle Doroshow. I’ll be hanging out with her and if anyone can wake up my muse and kick-start my mojo, it’s Dayle. Go visit her site and you’ll see what I mean.

For more travel vibes, go to Tory Hughes site. Navigation, travel, and stamps figure prominently in many of her works. With any luck, we’ll run into her while we’re on vacation too.