Time to rotate

Silovia Heartmade reminds us to rotate the wardrobe on PolymerClayDaily

Must clean the closet!

Tweedy stripes from Spain’s silovia heartmade look like the favorite thick sweaters and turtlenecks we stowed away. We’ve slogged through 2020 to cold weather. Time to pull out the woolies.

She pairs her rough textured and bifurcated shield shape with a fat leather cord and a bronze jump ring that keep the rustic, wintery vibe going. Here she is on FB.

The speckled clays have been popular recently and now we understand why.

Rough polymer

Sachs on PCDaily

Oregon’s Alison Sachs is still roughing up her polymer (PCD last checked in on her in 2012). She also creates some torch-fired enamel on copper pieces and it sometimes becomes difficult to tell which medium she’s dabbling in.

Alison calls her business BeadsByEarthTones and that pretty much sums up her approach. Earthy, scuffed, textured pieces.

Sachs on PCDaily

One of her recent experiments is a faux porcelain line that will make you look twice. She gives Mother Earth’s colors some competition. You can find her latest works on her Facebook page.

Shabby polymer

Niese on PCDaily

If you’re a fan of distressed and worn pieces that look like they spent a previous life in a cottage, you’ll like Sandra DeYoung Niese’s polymer pendants and beads.

Niese on PCDaily

Sandra says the molded beads remind her of her grandmother.

She updates her romantic shabby look with bright contemporary colors. The highlights have been sanded off to expose dark colored polymer below. See more of her rustic line on Flickr, her Etsy site and on Facebook.