Reduced obsolescence

Jude Radwanski (firefly art jewellery) resists obsolescence and so do we all!

Saskatchewan’s Jude Radwanski (Firefly Art Jewellery) scratches and scribes polymer jewelry as she works to create jewelry that enhances the designs of clothing manufacturers and retailers.

“Polymer clay is extremely durable and suits my commitment to reduced obsolescence,” she says defiantly.

No obsolescence here at PCD either. I’ve skittered around the globe and across the country, checking in with polymer friends around the globe in a burst of post-pandemic energy. Were you beginning to worry? Nah, I’m fine and ready to settle in at the computer after one more trip west this month. 

Plenty of pretties that you need to see! Stay tuned.  CT

Scratching out and idea

Belinda Broughton cuts her pastel painting into earrings on

Australia’s Belinda Broughton (polymerbelinda) could have stopped right here. She applied pan pastels to a sheet of polymer. Then she scratched through the top layer of jagged triangles (technically sgraffito) to make an even more dynamic design.

Pop that baby in the oven and hang it on the wall!

I saw a painting but Belinda had earrings in mind. Either way, it was fun to watch and may make you reconsider pastel possibilities.