Scrap clay or story scraps?

Layl McDill, the creator of the Silly Milly line of polymer clay canes, has found a very clever way to use all of those mountains of leftover trimmings and scrap.

She creates Story Scraps, wall sculptures which show animals and figures celebrating all aspects of life.  The title of each piece is the doorway into the story, but a closer look at the whimsical and intricate details in each work soon draws one in until it isn’t long before the viewer’s own imagination starts to fill in the gaps.

If you’ve tried to title your work, you know how much time it takes to find just the right title, but what a difference it makes, as does taking the time to add just a bit of story.

Consider Layl’s Reader on the Stairs which tells her story of rushing up the stairs toward a goal, only to find herself being wise enough to pause along the way to read a book.  And just why are those birds there?  And the towers … and …

Layl’s site opens to a whole world of creativity, so consider settling yourself on the stairs as you take the time to read through it. You’ll be glad you did.

guest post by Maureen Carlson