FRIDAY FOLLOW – Sand Dollars meet Pantone

Caro adds Pantone punch to her molded sand dollars on

Austin’s Caro (Waraoclay) brightens up the beach with bright molded sand dollars in Pantone colors.

She includes lots of the usual shapes in her collections of earrings and jewelry. But she regularly veers away from ho-hum into uncharted water.

Caro has over 50,000 followers (how does that happen) so she’s not exactly desperate for our clicks but it may be interesting to watch where she goes next.

What comes next? What tools are worth it?

Over at StudioMojo we jam tidbits, tool talk, and treats into one luscious list that’s short on words and long on inspiration. 

Powers sells polymer seashells

Powers urchin necklace

Heather Powers and I are in the same “seashells by the seashore” state of mind. A weekend at the beach will do that to you. Her polymer clay urchin beads captivate me and I finally have a chance to take an impression from the real thing here in Florida.

The seashell beads by Norway’s Flowermouse and more sea creatures from Tina Holden caught my eye as well.

Powers urchin bead

This is not the work I “should” be doing but I’m on vacation and going with the flow. Perhaps this is the start of a go with the flow week for you too. Here’s Heather’s Etsy site.