Saving money with polymer bezels

Libby Mills is beaming because she discovered a way to beat the high cost of silver using polymer and she found a new seed bead and polymer design she enjoys. You’ll see a bit of extruded clay in this new series too.

Her black polymer bezels are deep and sensuously smooth. They feel like metal right down to the hammered edges. Like the other posts this week, seeing the back helps you appreciate the piece even more. Here’s another close-up.

The bunches of seed beads are sewn to felt at the bottom of the bezel. They sway as you touch them.

Libby agrees that get-togethers often spark new ideas and reignite our enjoyment of the craft….even though they may leave you sleep-deprived. Have a restful weekend.


Jan Montarsi wrote in about his new Flickr group that specializes in the backs of polymer work and their stories….the construction, the obstacles, the solutions. Check it out here.