Polymer slinky

What started out as another split ring variation by Maggie Maggio became a “Slinky” polymer bracelet as we worked side by side on vacation.

It began as a snake covered with a Skinner blend and was rolled out to four feet in length before it was pinched flat.

Cornstarch between the coils kept the layers from sticking to each other. Slinky is lightweight and as much fun to play with as it is to wear. (Here’s the original video about split rings.)

The other cool variations that Maggie came up with aren’t ready for prime time yet but you can check her site to follow her progress. She’s teaching a polymer watercolor landscapes class in June if you’re in the Northwest.

Have a grand weekend. I’m off to Virginia…another polymer-rich environment that will surely contain interesting material for next week’s posts.

Maggio sees red!

Maggie Maggio’s split ring design has been a great success. Here’s the video tutorial in case you missed it. Photos of the results have been coming in from artists around the world. The chain at the left is from Vancouver’s Barb Alexander.

What does Maggie want to see during her vacation in Italy? Red! Real Pompeian red, to be exact. It’s taken this consummate colorist a while to settle down, put polymer colors aside and just enjoy her month-long vacation with family. Check out Maggie’s site updates as she moves on to the Mediterranean blues.

Have a colorful weekend.

Loose Ends

Bids are flying in the second round of the auction to benefit Ponsawan Sila’s daughter. You have until noon Monday to get in on the action.

Nominations for IPCA board positions are due in by October 29. Read more here.