Thanks to you…

Amy Giacomelli shows you how to give thanks on

Colorado’s Amy Giacomelli (SkyeArt) uses only polymer, paint and grapevine twigs to give us the message of the day. Her mini pumpkins measure 1 1/4″ x 1 3/4″.

Amy specializes in well-chosen words stamped into pears, pumpkins, peas, and other polymer shapes. They’re personal and popular gifts.

Thanks to you, a second industrial-strength pasta machine is within reach for polymer students at the Ohio Reformatory for Women. That you consider them worthy of support makes a great difference in how these women see themselves. That’s the real treasure.

Kindway polymer wares are sold by volunteers in bazaars and craft shows all over Ohio. The sales pay it forward to women returning to their communities. You can help in this win/win cycle:

Polymer love birds

When you don’t quite know what to say, Amy Giocomelli’s small polymer shapes say it for you.

This Colorado Etsy artist stamps short messages on hand formed love birds, hearts, pears, and stones that can be lined up as pleasant reminders. Simple and sweet.

I’m resting up for Craftcast’s free online party for those who love tools on Wednesday. It’ll be big. Come as you are. You can sign up directly here.