Unselfconscious polymer

Nomi Isak's wonky unselfconscious earings are endearing on PolymerClayDaily.com

Uh-oh, it’s going to be tough to explain why these almost-earrings from LA’s Nomi Isak make the cheering section in my head jump to their feet and yell, “YES.”

These slabs wrapped around wire are sort of surrealist (Dali anyone?) meets pen and ink illustration. With a hint of Native American.

What I finally hit upon is that these wannabe earrings are very unselfconscious.

I decided to read up on Nomi. She’s a writer and editor who says, “You just gotta love something for what it is and not hate it for what it didn’t quite become!”

Yep, that’s clearly what these earrings are saying, loud and clear.