More autumn creatures

Schiller on PCDaily
Schiller on PCDaily

This slightly stunned group of CandleWycke sculptures sprouted in Dawn Schiller’s Chula Vista, CA class last weekend. They fit nicely with yesterday’s woodland find. In a second workshop Dawn taught her famous PocketFae sculpt. Wouldn’t that have been fun?

Oh well, you can glean how-to’s from her book and stroll through her world of Odd Fae on her blog and her Facebook page. This week Dawn is part of a panel of experts presenting on the Rise of the Artist Entepreneur at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Polymer shrooms

Benzon on PCDaily

Jana Roberts Benzon recently collected ideas from walks in the woods and hikes in the mountains and turned what she saw into polymer beads.

Benzon on PCDaily

She used alcohol inks to color these polymer versions of the mushrooms she found. See the bark and berries that she grouped with other components into a dramatic Woodland Gathering neckpiece.

“I’m having so much fun creating things from nature and close to my heart,” Jana says. These photos appeared on Jana’s Facebook page where she also unveiled a prototype of new some new work like the spiraled piece at the right that she may be teaching soon.

Small pleasures

There’s something appealing and comforting about small ideas. India’s Shirali Patel specializes in polymer paper clips, magnets, push pins, flash drives and other little delights. She calls her business just what it is – Small Ideas. Her visual jokes and mementos are what Shirali describes as, “Whimsical craft with purpose.”

Patel on PCDaily

She flattens favorite sports figures into Splatta Coast’z or brightens house plants with funny garden stakes. She cooks up your favorite Indian food – in miniature. This meal also serves as a computer flash drive.

Shirali was trained as a biochemist, worked in fashion design and landed in her polymer studio where she’s worked 10 to 12 hours a day since 2011. You can tour her immaculate studio on her Facebook page. Here’s her site, her Flickr page, and her Pinterest presence. Have some small pleasures this weekend.

Autumn impulses

 Slovenia’s Klavdija Kurent already feels fall in the air. She has a head full of new ideas and a studio full of supplies. She rummaged around in her boxes of unfinished pieces and cane remnants to create these two new pieces.

For the links she tried a new version of her liquid Kato Go with the Flow technique. Then she made use of favorite cane pattern leftovers for a new series of urban tribal necklaces.

See more of her creations for autumn on Flickr, Pinterest and Facebook. Do you get inspired when the seasons change? What is calling to you this fall?

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