Winged polymer

Bardol on PCDaily

Arden Bardol takes two flat pieces of polymer, adds surprises on both sides and dots one side with color. She backs the two curved pieces against each other separating them with polymer stoppers.

Voila! Earrings that will have everyone studying them as they twist and sway. Even the space between is filled with interesting shapes.

Bardol on PCDaily

Her Wings Multi 1 earrings are part of the Artful Home fall collection. See all the items that Arden offers.

On Facebook you can see a similarly designed necklace that she created for the Rehoboth Art League Fine Craft Show this weekend.

Exposed polymer

Anar on PolymerClayDaily

With a wink at fashion, the raised exposed seams on Anarina Anar’s latest polymer disk necklace mirror a trend in clothing finishes.

Tiny flecks of color on all the stripes unify Anarina’s bright colors. The seams are accented with contrasting colors. Is it fabric? Is it ceramic?

This Greek artist’s secret ways with alcohol inks give her polymer more vivid, transparent, liquid colors than tinted clays might allow. The dimension, the colors, the contrasts combine to make a clever visual treat for your Monday.

Anarina appears on Facebook and you can see her distinctive work on Flickr and Etsy. She also appears in the gallery section of the fall issue of The Polymer Arts magazine.

Oops…we’re early. Monday software glitch I guess. Let me look under the hood.

Scrap clay possibilities

Mika on PCDaily

In a rich and rambling post Laurie Mika fills us in on her rich and rambling art adventures. She’s been both a teacher and a student over the summer. And she’s been getting ready for fall shaows and a workshop in Mexico.

On her blog she shows how she used bright scrap clay as the base for this piece. Her photos are large and if you click on them you can take a close look at the recycled jewels, milagros, mirrors, beads and baubles buried in her polymer.

Her nichos and altars are full of scavenged items and bric-a-brac. Monarch butterflies inspired one piece in which she embedded butterfly wings.

“In Mexico, it was believed that the monarchs represented the souls of the departed,” she explains. “All along the forest path leading up to where the millions of butterflies cluster in the trees, one can see butterfly wings lining the paths like orange and black jewels.”

“The world is one gigantic panorama of possibility. Really taking the time to look and to grab onto that which speaks to your core and fills you with wonder is at the heart of inspiration,” she concludes. Track Laurie’s schedule on her site and keep up with her on Facebook.

Framed shapes

Williamson on PCDaily

Genevieve Williamson makes minimalist look easy. Three drop-shaped polymer layers are stacked on top of each other and dusted with a hint of texture and paint. The effect is breezy and wearable.

Williamson on PCDaily

Read all about her framed shapes approach to polymer in the latest issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine. Genevieve’s Etsy shop and Instagram site are full of scrumptious examples.

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