Speechless Friday

Dever on PCDaily

The first peek at the Racine Art Museum (in)Organic show left me without words. I didn’t even catch the proper title of Jeff Dever’s creeping polymer vine piece. Here’s the front and the back.


Jeff’s was the first jaw-dropping work I encountered in a stunning show.

This is going to be a mind-blowing weekend. Yikes! I need some time to soak in the fabulous polymer art before I try to explain it to you next week

Enjoy a quiet, speechless Friday.

Homeland polymer

Grigoryan on PCDaily

Madrid’s Sona Grigoryan has been experimenting with strips of newspaper coiled to make forms. Here she shapes the paper coils into a shallow round vessel.

She tops the paper bowl with ribbons of polymer wound into a traditional design that becomes a lid.

Memories of her homeland are never far from her thoughts and historic Armenian designs often appear in Sona’s works. Here polymer is braided and curled into a lovely pattern that is then textured and antiqued to look ancient.

“I’m a free artist,” she says. “I don’t live a single day without making beautiful things or thinking about them.”

Her growing body of work is cataloged on Flickr and she posts regularly to Facebook.

Polymer pens

Goodrich on PCDaily
Goodrich on PCDaily

Holiday times remind us that polymer is fun for whimsical, silly art made with a wink and a smile. Tina Goodrich (Handmade Mom) turns ballpoint pens into carrots, corn, asparagus or pickles.

When Halloween comes around this California artist tops pens with spiders or ghosts or wraps them into mummies. She breathes new life into an old project.

She likes to play and you can play along with her on Etsy, Facebook and Pinterest.

Polymer graduate degree

On her profile Marie Segal lists her educational institution as Hellenback University. Her latest line of work reflects a graduate degree with honors! And she’s got new tricks up her sleeve.

Mokume gane, textures, cane slices and luscious colors are stacked onto lentil shapes. She repeats the shape again and again with each iteration more enticing than the last.

You should know that Marie is credited with being the first person to use the pasta machine to flatten polymer. She’s been at this a while and she’s teaching in the UK in November.

See what Marie’s been creating on her Etsy shops here and here, on her blog, and of course at the Clay Factory. Her most recent works are on Facebook.

Exhibit catalog lucky winners

  • Linda Prais
  • Carolyn A.
  • Kathy Koontz
  • Christina Nevin
  • Ann Schroeder
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