Bugs in galleries

Fritz on PCDaily

Wisconsin’s Joyce Fritz has been celebrating creepy crawlies in the most dramatic ways since 1993. You’ll see her Yipes polymer insects in crawling around the finest galleries and shops across the country.

That doesn’t leave her much time for online exposure so perhaps the best way to catch all her bugs in one spot is on Google or on her website. She’s worth tracking down. Her story is best told (and you get a better idea of the size of these critters) in this interview in her college alumni magazine.

This year’s crop of lightning bugs encouraged  me to shed more light on Joyce’s work.

Calming colors

Tajvidi on PCDaily

Afsaneh Tajvidi (JooJoo) is a Toronto illustrator/designer but sometimes she can’t resist making polymer miniatures. This is her first go at adding color gradation to polymer. Is it a blend or paint?

You’ll find tutorials for five of her little cacti featured in the spring 2016 issue (#65) of the British magazine, Mollie Makes. Or you can bask in the sweetness of her creations on her Instagram, Flickr, and blog.

Something about Afi’s colors and delicate shapes transmit a calming warmth. Her illustrations send the same vibe. How does she do that?

Double decker polymer

Duecentogrammi on PCDaily

Italy’s Chiara Curreli (Duecentogrammi) stacks two circles of extruded slices, one on each side of her ear. (Silicon earring stoppers can be built into polymer and baked in the oven.)

Chiara knows how to play and if you’re looking for hot, bright colors and carefree summer designs, soak up the sun on her Instagram site.

Take a little Italian attitude into your studio today.

Not knitted polymer

Roewekamp on PCDaily

This necklace in nubby neutrals from Portugal’s Susanne Roewekamp (Artesannus) fools the eye. It’s not the crocheted or knitted choker that you may have assumed (it fooled me). It’s textured polymer, extruded I think but now I question my judgment.

See more of Susanne’s eye candy for yourself on Facebook and Pinterest.

Tickled by feathers

Hart on PCDaily

Looks like a matchy Monday, doesn’t it? This feather cane from Deb Hart of Texas comes in bright blues and greens that look good on PCD.

Deb’s an expert at feather canes and you’ll see them in most every color on her Facebook page, Pinterest board, and Instagram.

She sells her feathers as raw canes and uses them in her finished southwest jewelry designs that you can see on Etsy and learn about on CraftArtEdu. Deb is someone to follow if feathers tickle your fancy.

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