In my stash of photos I found this one of a necklace by Donna Kato. It reminded me of Sue Smith’s earring holders I found on the New Zealand site yesterday.

Donna has developed a quick way of making these ikat-like canes. Her simplified version has very good pictures and clear instructions on the HGTV site. (The HGTV link no longer works. Try here.) Naturally there are many ways to achieve this effect but Donna’s is the easiest I’ve found.

Read the instructions carefully. It took my brain several readings before the concept registered. By putting a thin contrasting layer between the layers of Skinner blend (this isn’t shown in the tutorial), you’d achieve the striped cane effect.

  • reply emmy ,

    the link doesnt work! 🙁

    • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

      Emmy – You’re right. I’ve given a substitute that might help.


    • reply velislava ,

      I’m having problems opening the link aswell 🙁 it sais that it’s most probably outdated..

      • reply Natasha ,

        hy there I tried to find this tutorial and couldnt find it anywhere could you eventually explain this to me? (In know how to do square striped canes and skinner blends just not how to get these squiggles
        thanks so much

        • reply NAN TOMA ,

          Would love to see the Kato tutorial on her ikat-like cane. The link given doesn’t work. Is there a way to see this, PLEASE.

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