Inspiring Artist: Sean Samoheyl

Sean’s medium is quite literally, anything he can get his hands on — soap, straw, old bicycle parts — and his subject matter is equally eclectic. A true self-taught/outsider/visionary artist, art is his way of life. This featured piece is made of carved wood, house paint, dipped in rubber.

Although Sean lives a rural lifestyle on a commune in Virginia, his work is now sold at the museum shop of Baltimore’s American Visionary Museum, as well as websites and other venues.

To view his ever-expanding body of work, now propelled into the digital age, (*ahem* at the nudging of his friends) visit

  • reply sean samoheyl ,

    Hi Thanks so much for writing such nice things. It’s very flattering and surprising to see this to be sure. I wonder what the response was. I am responding with thrilled confusion. Or more confusion than normal. I think this might be Hillary’s Mom? If so, thankyou and I really like the site. It’s neat. I was doing some things recently with polymer clay we found. I recently led a workshop of building monster dolls with kids. I will send you the pictures when I get them. Some turned out so crazy. Many with multiple heads and arms, and wings, that all move. It was so fun. Take care and blessings to you! -Purl.

    • reply steve wade ,

      sean is not only a visionary artist. he was one heluva skateboarder in the late 1980’s. i’d go so far as to say he was radical, though possibly not as radical as stacy(though personally i see it as a coin flip). also, tofu is pretty radical as well.

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