Hyde out of hiding

Seattle’s Susan Hyde makes the most wonderful polymer fabrics to dress her sassy blondes. Susan is one of those polymer artists who lurks in the background. She’s rarely in shows and sells only locally. You’ll see her work in many books, however.

I’ll hound her to get better pictures so that you can witness the colorful detail in her work.

Perhaps when she retires from her day job in the spring we can coax her into showing us more. In the meanwhile, you’ll have to email her to get in touch.

  • reply Mary Clare Stazzoni ,

    Hello Susan! I’m so glad I’ve found a way to contact you. I have seen a technique that I beleive you created. It looks like colorful fabric and I believe it’s called “faux fabric” technique. I need to find directions for this cane, if indeed it’s a cane. Did you create this technique?…….. and if you did, would you be so kind as to let me learn it from you? I’d appreciate it very much.
    Thank You,
    Mary Clare Stazzoni
    Polymer Clay Artist

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      • reply Lea ,

        ok ok ….. THESE are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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