Finishing from the start

Dan Cormier and Tracy Holmes will teach in San Diego for a double weekend January 14 and 15 then January 21 and 22. Classes are $140 for both days for guild members or $160 for non-members.

As I cruise through hundreds of polymer sites, I have become a firm believer in Dan’s approach to "finishing right from the start." So much polymer work suffers from a lack of attention to finishing.

I wish I were nearer San Diego so that I could learn more. Look on the guild’s site for information and for pictures (black necklace, pin and domed necklace) of their beautifully finished works .

  • reply Kathy Weaver ,

    I am so in awe of their work! Wish they were offering a class “SOMEWHERE” in the Ohio area!

    • reply chel ,

      Donna Kato is like that, too- you can tell she plans out every step of her project before she starts. I am really trying to work more like that- careful, patient, slow, observant. Just take the time to do everything right. It’s so hard, though- by the time I am finishing a piece, I’m starting to get bored with it and start thinking about what I want to do next…

      • reply Jeanne Dumond ,

        I’d like to know how to do that exactly, since I’m new to Polymer Clay. It seems like I start working and pieces happen rather than knowing exactly what I’ll have when I’m done. I mean I have an idea, but no exact finished piece in mind. Perhaps that is something that should be covered in classes or at guild meetings by the more experienced clayers.

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