Here’s a trick that’s new to me. Desiree McCory explains her neat bead-in-bead process. I’ve always avoided this process because it sounded too complicated. Wrapping the first bead in wax sounds doable as her tutorial explains it…and her tutorials are all well-written. Let me know if you’ve had success.

  • reply Donna Snyder ,

    I am about to try to make one of these after having read Desiree’s instructions. I have thought it through until adding the second color of clay and then dipping.

    Now, when I get to suspending the ball while firing, I can’t figure out how to suspend the ball while firing. I think that by trying to hang the ball from a cord or something, the ball would sag or become distorted. I am thinking about tying the ball in some netting that the wax could drip through. I still wonder what this will do to the surface of the clay. I would appreciate any suggestions.

    • reply Amy Wallace ,

      Desiree’s webpage makes me get misty. Her plentiful phots and bubbly, optimistic text is so fun to dive into. I know my comment has nothing to do with the lost wax bead method, but now I know I have to try it!

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