I wandered into Kate McKinnon’s site, intrigued by the ring mounts she offers. Kate works primarily in metal and glass but I detected a polymer sensibility. I kept sleuthing and stumbled onto her journal where I came across two Cynthia Toops’ pieces…aha! My sense was right. The top one she called "Moss" and the bottom one, "Conversation".

I’m only disappointed that I don’t know the exact size of these pieces. I’ve seen Toops’ work in several galleries and the incredible detail of her micro-mosaics doesn’t come across as well in photos. Still they’re fun to look at and Kate’s site is fun to browse.

  • reply Sherry Bailey ,

    I haven’t seen these specific examples of Toops’ work, but I would bet, from work I HAVE seen (and the one piece I actually OWN!!) tht they are about 1 inch to 1.5 inches across. That’s all. Tiny! FYI

    • reply kate mckinnon ,

      yes, they are quite small. The one that I own, Moss, is about an inch and a quarter in diameter. The individual canes (on end) that form the moss are hair-fine.

      glad you enjoyed my site!

      • reply Cynthia Toops ,

        The moss pin is 7/8’s of an inch in diameter.

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