I can’t think of hearts without remembering Jean Hornberger who made beads that radiated joy and happiness. These pictures date from the 1998 National Retreat.

Several embellishments on the heart have sought their freedom as Jean warned me they might do…a reminder that things change. I always feel like I’m wearing a party and it never fails to elicit fun comments.

Jean often crocheted coverings for her beads and was way ahead of her time which ended far too soon. She and Carl are fondly remembered and I am pleased to share these memories of them. Thanks to PolymerClayCentral for their gallery of her works.

  • reply carissa nichols ,

    how well i remember jean and carl and how much i miss them. thanks cynthia- i am going to find my beads from jean and make up necklaces for me and mom to wear this year at shrinemont.

    • reply Cassandra Williams ,

      Yes I miss them also. Carl is the father of the bead rollers. I remember his first bead roller at 1996 Shrinemont.

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