The Humble Bic Updated

Another example of simple and appealing polymer work comes from Denmark. Eva Eriksen’s pens add some interesting twists to the humble Bic…great texture, well-designed tops.

Her attention to detail and attempt to go a bit farther with the design results in a very successful project. Here’s a whole gallery of pen pictures sent to me by Jackie Sieben from a Polymer Clay Central group called Discussions from the Claypen.

  • reply Linda ,

    Eva’s pens are creativity at it’s best! These pens just ask you to pick them up and hold them and write something. They are inspirational for clay artists of every level of expertise!

    • reply Melissa ,

      I just love Eva’s pens they are so bright and colorfurl.

      • reply Eva Eriksen ,

        Less than a month ago, a member of the Polymer Clay Centrals message board posted a link to this blog and I spent quite a while looking through the works of art that is shown here.
        Never in my WILDEST dreams had I thought I would find my work “on exhibit” next to to the work of so many great PC artists.
        I am delighted, proud and humbled.
        THANK YOU!

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