Grape, chocolate, kiwi, mandarin orange, avacado, blueberry, raspberry, mango, papaya and mint. Lindly Haunani’s 2006 colors make you hungry for more. In her hands polymer clay looks alive and edible.

If you’re feeling shy and tentative about your colors, if your supply of gray waste clay is larger than it should be, sign up for a color class. Check Lindly’s site, track Maggie Maggio down or sign up at your local art school.

Knowing more about color will save you money. You’ll buy three colors instead of the rainbow you now invest in. Your pile of scrap will shrink. You won’t have to pretend that mud was what you were aiming for. Your confidence will grow.

  • reply gail in florida ,

    I went to Lindly’s site, but couldn’t find the picture you featured here…

    • reply chel ,

      Me neither, and I would love to see the larger version, plus more images of the colors in use!! Any hints on where to find this?

      • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

        The pic is a closeup of the Lindly tray o’beads featured on the List of Classes page.

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