This looks like fun. New Mexico's Barbara Fajardo calls them organic sculpted lentils and Christi Friesen combines them into all sorts of elaborate jewelry. Groups are beginning to call the technique "Flora Filigree." These little sculptures tempt you to start rolling and patting teensy bits of clay.

Barbara is adept at quilt canes too. I especially like her "all-polymer" approach to jewelry-making, using polymer as bezels and bead caps. Be sure to check out the series of photos in her pillow bead tutorial. Thanks to Kim Cavender for the link. Have a super weekend.

  • reply Sarah Fisher ,

    Lucky me! I own these beads! They are more beautiful in person than the picture, Same goes for Barb’s luscious swirly lentils.

    • reply StephanieB ,

      Thank you for showing these.. I tried that technique and it’s really fun!

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