Loretta Lam led me to Margaret Polcawich and her fine wood and polymer furniture. See what lovely things this young artist has developed. They put me in mind of Bonnie Bishoff and Pier Voulkas and Daniel Peters and Dan Cormier and others.

That put me in the way-back machine and I just had to look again at Pier's early works which started so many of our current trends.

The night shift googling monkeys found Pier's name currently in lights at the Allegro Ballroom where she and husband Dan performed recently as a professional Argentine tango duo. Pier and Dan had begun their careers as professional modern dancers some years back. After a stunning foray into professional polymer, it looks as if they've returned to their dancing roots, performing and instructing all over.

I hope I haven't lost you in my meandering. It just confirms the notion that we are all connected and that we often stand on the shoulders of other artists…which must make dancing more difficult (grin).

  • reply Katy ,

    I have had the privilege of taking some workshops with a friend, Turquoize, in Portland Oregon area recently. The workshops are very deeply satisfying and focus on doing artwork after having some dance/movement. It is fascinating to me that the movement seems to amplify the creative juices and something is created that has such personal meaning. It seems as though there are many creative folks who have experienced this and enjoy their own form of movement, whatever it may be, it can take hold of us just as our artistic endeavors can. Someone said, I don’t have ideas, they have me.
    Thank you for this beautiful inspiration daily!

    • reply Carl Johengen ,

      I’m always fascinated to discover other artists who have their feet firmly planted (or dancingly planted) in other creative media! In my case it’s music. The notion that creativity defies pigeonholing fascinates me!

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