These faux African trade beads by Debbie Jackson are the best I've seen. And they're right in my backyard!

Debbie's a local (Columbus, Ohio) artist who recently created a web page to show some of her ethnic flavored pieces and her book.

I hadn't seen Debbie's page until Robin Johnston from Texas alerted me. Debbie is particularly adept at integrating cowry shells and other natural objects into her pieces.

  • reply Kim Cavender ,

    Debbie’s work is beautiful as always and her book is one not to be missed!

    • reply Denise ,

      I have Debbie’s book, it is great, I recommend it highly! Her trade beads are, indeed, gorgeous.

      • reply naama zamir ,

        i own her book and it is on my recommanded book list on my web site- this is truly a must have

        • reply Michelle Davis Petelinz ,

          I’ve reserved her book at my library…’can’t wait to get my hands on it! It’s nice to see the work of another African American PC artist.

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