Oh my, did I ever get lost on the web. Before I knew it yesterday I was in Brussels, Belgium learning about Gum/Paste Flowers, Kokeshi dolls and Unazukin fairies.

Go look at the Kiwi Handmade and you'll see what I mean. It's a multilingual site that often uses PolymerClayDaily for its links. That's flattering and just fine but you may find it a bit jarring to read about yourself in another language and in these foreign contexts. The world really is flat!

As often happens, my web trip ended up back in my own backyard and I found that Judy Dunn has some new pieces on her site. I like the way her bracelet, pictured here, is simply and elegantly constructed.

If you look at the bottom of the right hand column on the PCD home page, you'll see "Who links to me?" which is like boarding a magic carpet to see everyone who's tuned in here (ignore the casinos and extraneous links). What fun.

  • reply Luann Udell ,

    If you REALLY want to have fun, look at one of your blog entries that’s been translated into another language–and then select THAT version to be (re)translated back into English! Oh my…..

    Congrats on your transatlantic crossing! :^)

    • reply Amy Crawley ,

      Judy’s work continues to evolve as she develops stunning color combinations and incorporates her love of nature into her work. The new bracelet is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

      • reply Judy Dunn ,

        Wow! I just got back from a family skating competition and had several emails referencing your site…Thanks for featuring my work on your site again! I am a loyal reader and love seeing the range of work you feature.

        • reply Marjorie ,

          I am so happy seeing my blog published with so good comments in your site. Never expected by the way….

          Thanks! 😉 Yuuupi!

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