So that's what envy looks like! Visit Chicago sculptor Jill Willich's site to view all sorts of faeries, goblins and polymer clay sculpture.

You won't want to miss the spoon doll tutorials…scroll way down the page for the complete effect. Jill makes the process look easy (the mark of a professional) and tempting to try.

This week's illustrators and sculptors remind us that polymer clay isn't just for jewelry and purses and frames. There are many creatures waiting to emerge from the clay.

Thanks to Alisa for the link!

  • reply Sandra ,

    Well done and so whimsical. They bring to mind Lorie Follets mischeiveous fairies, ie. the “Pee cup Fairy, ButtSucker Fairy, Josephine Java, etc. at her sculpturefromtheheart website.


    • reply Julie ,

      Fantastic! Absolutely one of the best sites you’ve given us…I look at this kind of brilliant artistry and am more than humbled….

      • reply elo ,

        I really love this artist!
        Creations are so wonderful!!!

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