Techniques that are such fun to create often become mind-numbingly boring. Take those square extrusions. A professor of fluid dynamics bought a bowl of mine that was inlaid with square extrusions. He excitedly explained the physics of how the colors merged and formed. I was fascinated. After a while, however, they all look the same.

Some artists take these techniques to another level. These "Klimt pins" photos from Donna Kato illustrate the point. She takes a simple technique, renders it in unexpected colors and then pushes it further. In this case, she gave the pieces interesting shapes, added pearls and accented one with a textured layer.

It's that second effort that makes these pieces different from the rest. We must learn to obey that inner voice that says, "Take it farther…keep going"

The Ronna Weltman article in ArtJewelry Magazine was nicely written (I just got my copy) and I loved Steven Ford saying that polymer clay jewelry is "diva jewelry." He's right, of course (his new site is working a bit better today). These colors and styles are not for the shy or faint of heart.

  • reply Sherry Bailey ,

    So, Cynthia, what ARE the fluid dynamics of “retro” canes, anyhow!? I have been wondering that lately, myself!

    • reply Loretta Lam ,

      Bravo Ronna! The article was beautifully written and the ideas of these artists real food for thought!

      • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

        If you are using Firefox for Windows, install the IETab component and open the Ford & Forlano site into an IETab. The site seems to crash FF when views in a regular tab.

        • reply naama zamir ,

          thanks for posting Donna Kato’s work- in my own opinion, Donna is the master of taking a simple technique and transforming is to a piece of art – that is why she is one of my Fav. artists – i look at the work, i can understans the technique but yet, it is always so percise and has some sparkle and a “Donna Touch” that makes it something out of the ordinary

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