Huichol artworks are made using an ancient technique. Seed beads are pressed into a layer of bees wax which has been applied to a form. As you can imagine, the sculptures are quite fragile on warm days or in the sun.

Deanna Moore (tigerpurple) demonstrates a new twist on the ancient art. She presses seed beads into polymer clay. Granted, it's a laborious process but quite clever and more stable.

Sometimes you find interesting techniques in the most unlikely places. Have a delightful weekend.

  • reply Barbara ,

    As it happens, this is a woman, Deanna Moore and her contact info is listed in one of the works in the Gel Pen gallery:

    • reply Jackie ,

      I wonder how Deanna Moore gets the seedbeads to stay in the clay? Any information about this anywhere?

      • reply Adina ,

        doh! I just started doing that too! hehe….ahh well, with 6 billion + people in the world, its bound to happen.


        • reply Julie ,

          I think the beads will stay in the clay initially after pressing them in….then a thin, thin coat of liquid clay over everything will not only “glue them in place, but give the whole piece a nice sheen…???

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