The first person I ran into at Ravensdale was Nan Roche (see her knot necklace here). Since it was late in the evening, I only took a few pictures and headed for the hotel.

Today I've run through two sets of camera batteries and there's more ahead. We've got plenty to look at for the next few weeks. The atmosphere is quieter and more professional than I recall at earlier conferences. Perhaps at year 10, Ravensdale has matured and we've started taking our art more seriously. The work certainly reflects that.

How nice to put faces with the web names I've been talking about for the past year. Stay tuned.


  • reply Julia Sober ,

    You summed it up very nicely – I came away from Ravensdale thrilled at the thoughtful and professional approach so many artists are taking with their polymer clay work.

    It was great to get to meet you, also! As a huge fan and avid reader, I applaud PCD’s success in elevating awareness of our fantastically versatile medium. I hope that you get used to people falling at your feet in appreciation for all the inspiration… I have no doubt there’s plenty more of that to come!

    Can’t wait to see what comes next,

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