Jeff Dever's pieces are organic, brilliantly colored, flawlessly constructed and impeccably designed. At Ravensdale a container of Jeff's spit, rumored to be his secret ingredient, was auctioned off at a stunning price. I wish I'd taken his class because his students produced some great work and gained some valuable insights.

Students in the Ravensdale color classes led by Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio couldn't believe how quickly they had learned to replicate colors using the basic primary colors and their own special "mud." Here you see Switzerland's Nadja Fuenfsinn holding her collage in her left hand and her mirror frame covered in polymer clay in her right.

Judy Kuskin's students were so proud of the metal work and polymer studies tried in her class that they wore their creations the entire week.

A class from a polymer clay master can stretch your talents and take your skill level to new heights. Get back to school this fall.

  • reply Elaine ,

    I really must buckle down and save the pennies for the next go at r’dale or Other Major Event. Sheesh, that’s some fabulous, fabulous work.

    • reply Libby Mills ,

      Some of still can’t resist wearing the necklace from Judy Kuskin’s class nearly every day. She’s a really wonderful teacher.

      • reply Bettina Welker ,

        I’d really like t have a Deverclass. But the Ravensdale retreat is sooo far from Germany. Esp. if you are a mother to a 7 year old;) Someday I’ll be there!

        • reply Betsy Baker ,

          Ravensdale was an incredible experience. As a relative newcomer to polymer clay, I learned soooo much. Not only in class, but from fellow attendees. What a creative, sharing and energizing experiece!

          Judy Kuskin’s Bezel Mania and Asymetrical Design classes were absolutely wonderful. The classes were perfectly organized and well paced. What I learned will take my work to a whole new level. If you ever get a chance to take one of Judy’s classes, do!

          • reply Nadja Fuenfsinn ,

            Wow, what a surprise to see my picture on your site Cynthia! Maggie and Lindlys color-class was perfect; I never thought that I would love that “mud” that I always got when trying to mix my own colors! They both are excellent teachers and they gave me much more than information and knowledge on how to mix and match colors: it was just great fun!
            Ravensdale was such a wonderful experience, it was absolutely worth the long travel and I will be back for sure!

            • reply Andrea Spatz ,

              I just started reading this wonderful site and imagine my surprise when I saw my necklace from Judy’s class at Ravensdale!

              Your site is incredible. I can’t stop reading.

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